Every child should live in a neighborhood where they can walk to a high quality Public School.


Did your vote count last election?

You should never have to ask that question. However, in last year's presidential election, 59% of Detroit's precincts had errors. That's unacceptable. Learn more about how Adam plans to bring confidence back to the office of the Clerk and to Detroit's elections.

Are you registered to vote? Not sure how? Don’t worry, it’s easy! Use this tool on the state website to see if you’re registered, where your polling location is, and much more!

Overseas Voters

Are you serving in the military overseas? Whether you’re in the military, a family member, or a private citizen, your vote counts! Register to vote here.

Get Your Absentee Ballot

If you’re planning to be out of town on election day, request your absentee ballot. Residents over 65 can request a permanent absentee ballot here.

Get Involved, Donate

Every vote counts. We can’t afford another questionable election in Detroit. Join the team by volunteering or donating to the cause. With your help, we can make sure ALL Detroiters are heard at the ballot box.


Keep up with Adam, learn how to get involved.