March 10, 2017

15 point plan to fix elections

  1. Protecting your vote is priority number 1
    1. As your clerk I will fight any restrictions on voting whether they be from the state or the federal government. We have fought to long and come to far to surrender our rights.  I will push back on the false claims of Voter fraud used to limit our rights at the polls.
  2. Your time is precious if the ER can guarantee you’ll be seen in 30mins or less we will also.  We’re going to cut wait times at polls.
    1. The national standard for waiting to vote is 30 minutes.  We’re going to get you in and out quicker by posting wait times at polling locations on the website.  Each polling place will have a posted map showing which precinct and where in the polling place each precinct is voting.  Staff will receive additional training on e-poll books.
  3.  We’re going to add Line walkers; voting should be easy and our highly trained staff will be walking the lines to make your voting experience smooth.
    1. Instead of waiting in a long line only to get to the front and be missing information or be at the wrong location. We’re going to have individuals trained to assist voters and make sure your experience is smooth.
  4. More Early voting
    1. I will fight for early voting changes with other local clerks and lobby the state legislature.  States with early voting have higher participation rates and you deserve every opportunity to vote.  We are going to increase the number of locations where residents can vote absentee in person.  We are going to encourage residents to sign up for the permanent absentee voter list.  Create online ballot tracking system so you know when your ballot is in the mail when we received it back and when its been counted.
  5. Online Voter Registration
    1. As your City Clerk I will accept electronic signatures and allow online one-step voter registration.  If you can sign for a mortgage, register for the selected service or change your legal beneficiary you should be able to register to vote and I’ll fight for it.  I will fight for same day registration and voting every citizen deserves the right to vote and I’m committed to doing everything necessary to extend the franchise to every Detroiter.
  6. Hold elections in schools
    1. We need to get the next generation engaged in the voting process and allowing students to assist in the voting process will be excellent training for them.  Schools continue to be the anchors of our community and we will exercise our most fundamental right in them.  Schools are handicap accessible, have ample space for sitting with parking.  Get Election Day scheduled as an in service day so children can go vote with their parents.  We’ll coordinate with schools to make election day a professional development day so schools can be safely used without interrupting school.
  7. Create accessible polling locations
    1. Address language barriers across the city by ensuring locations with high populations of non-native English speakers have translators and ballots are printed in languages citizens can read.  Detroit is a diverse city that will provide every citizen a chance to vote.
  8. As your clerk I’m committed to getting update voting machines and maintaining them effectively.  The US Army can move million dollar equipment through the harshest and most unforgiving terrain in the world as a Transportation officer I’ll get the machines safely to and from the polls.
  9. I will conduct a tabular audit after every election to ensure you that your votes were counted correctly.  You will be able to trust the results because we’ll verify them every time.
  10. Promote high quality training for elections officials particularly full time staff
    1. Work with University community to develop professional development trainings for employees.  Partner with University researchers to audit results and develop reforms during non-election cycles.
  11. Share voter rolls between local clerks
    1. I’m committed to working with local clerks across the state to ensure our voter rolls are up to date and accurate.
  12. Eliminate blocks between the SOS data and clerks voter file
  13. Make all efforts to improve the voting process for Uniformed and Overseas Citizens Absentee Voting Act voters
    1. As an Army officer I am committed to ensure that every soldier, sailor, airman, military spouse has every opportunity to vote. Anyone willing to fight for our rights deserves a City Clerk willing to fight for them.
  14. Recruit additional poll workers
    1. Every poll worker who serves on Election Day to ensure all ballots are counted deserves our thanks and respect. To ensure we get the full benefit of the many long time volunteers and staff, we need to recruit the next generation of election staff.  I’m going to reach out to the schools, corporate partners, the faith community, and organized labor to recruit accountants, book keepers, finance professionals, quality control personnel and seasoned team leaders who know how important it is not to miss a beat. If we can build the best cars in the world we can run the smoothest elections as well.  Recruit young people in high school and college and develop a pipeline to full time employment from seasonal election employment.
  15. Provide Additional Training for Poll workers
    1. Create an online curriculum that is free and available to everyone.  Three hours of training is not sufficient.  Develop and communicate improved standards for poll workers that identify and reward high performers.  Address literacy issues ensuring residents have every tool to facilitate voting.
    2. I am committed to ensuring that every resident of the City of Detroit can exercise their fundamental right to vote, which requires increased support for individuals that may have challenges reading the ballot due to literacy.
    3. Polling locations must be accessible for Detroiters by promoting the use of American’s with Disabilities Act compliant locations.