June 7, 2013

On The Issues

Voting should be easy, WE CAN DO BETTER!

We can Unfortunately making the process complicated has a rich tradition from Jim Crow, poll taxes, literacy tests, out right intimidation and murder. Today, voter id laws, restrictions on early voting and claims of rampant voter fraud are making complicated. As your City Clerk We’ll Do Better we will clean up the process and ensure when you arrive at the polls your vote is counted.  Check out my 15 point plan to fix elections in Detroit

Government should be transparent, WE CAN DO BETTER!

Too often only the wealthy have access to city government.  The City Clerk plays a key role as the official keeper of the records to ensure citizens have access to the business of the City.  As your clerk I will make transparency in Government  a core issue.  I’ll make sure City Council minutes and business is easily accessed on the City’s website.  As part of my commitment to ensuring Detroiters can participate in the Renaissance of the City I will work hard to get the word out about city contracts up for renewal, the bidding process and streamlining the permitting process.  As your Clerk I’m going to make sure you have the all the information.

You should have good information on the ballot, WE CAN DO BETTER!

As your City Clerk I’m going to develop a clearinghouse of information to ensure you have good information that is clear about what’s on the ballot.  From candidates to ballot initiatives the site will allow block clubs, community stakeholders, institutions and organizations to amplify their voices and provide citizens with information from Detroiters.



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