Adam Hollier Endorsed by the Detroit Free Press

Our hard work has resulted in earning the endorsement of the Detroit Free Press.  I’m glad that they recognize that experience matters more than where someone is from when public service is concerned.  I appreciate their support and I hope to earn yours as well. An excerpt from the article: District 5 ADAM HOLLIER  has[…]

Adam Hollier Attends Final City Council Debate at Perfecting Church

I was fortunate to be invited to the final City Council debate so that I could answer questions from our neighbors.  The debate was covered by Fox 2 Detroit and at the 1:30 mark you can hear my thoughts on what the priorities are in the City of Detroit. Fox 2 News Headlines

Detroit City Council, District 5 Candidate Debate

Hear me talk about the issues and possible solutions. Also spread the word – we’ve only got 11 more days to encourage folks to join #TeamHollier.  Thanks to WDET for facilitating an important conversation between candidates.

Want to Join #TeamHollier? Volunteer on Election Day!

As many of you know I won the primary by 56 votes and when an election has such a slim margin, every person makes a huge difference. Working at polling locations in August could have been what made the difference as we had volunteers there for the whole day, talking to voters and encouraging them to[…]

Meet Adam Hollier

WXYZ-TV is giving the candidates for Detroit City Council the chance to introduce themselves to their constituents ahead of the November 5 general election.  Here’s my introduction – please forward to your friends, family, and neighbors in District 5! Direct link to copy:—district-5

Good Jobs When? Now.

To support Good Jobs Now and Detroit 15 in their fight for a living wage, I wrote an article for the Huffington Post Detroit.  The article is below as is the direct link to the Huffington Post page.  I’ll be striking with our fellow workers today and encourage you to do the same or support[…]

Adam Hollier Wins Primary for Detroit City Council, District 5

The Detroit News: The Detroit Free Press: It was a slim victory, but it wouldn’t have been possible without the support of our neighbors.  Together we won the primary and by growing our team, we can win the general election as well.  Please subscribe to my newsletter to stay informed about the campaign, learn[…]

The Detroit Free Press Endorses Adam Hollier for Detroit City Council, District 5

We’re proud to earn the endorsement of The Detroit Free Press and with 9 days left until the August 6 primary election, we’ll continue to work towards earning your support as well. [Hollier] has an advanced degree in urban planning and, in his current job, has developed a good understanding of the city’s issues and[…]

The Detroit News Endorses Adam Hollier for Detroit City Council, District 5

We’re proud to earn the endorsement of The Detroit News and as the August 6 election approaches, we look forward to earning your vote as well. District 5 Adam Hollier, currently the liaison for Mayor Dave Bing to the City Council, has never won a political election but that doesn’t make him a political novice.[…]

Adam Hollier, A Name To Remember For Detroit City Council

Doron Levin July 19th, 2013, 7:58 AM Lots to learn from Detroit’s current state of fiscal, political and social collapse. Chief among the lessons is that nothing can substitute for a cadre of honest, dedicated, competent public servants, especially now that the long-feared bankruptcy filing has become reality. That’s why this fall’s election of[…]