Fighting for the dream and the dreamers

Immigration and a path to citizenship has become one of the hot buttons of our nation. I have seen news clips of American ICE workers being commanded by our current administration to tear fathers away from their family as they dropped their child off at school, shipping them back to a country they have never known as home. Why? Because as a child they were brought to this country to dream, to work, to learn, to give, to live.  It is inhumane. It’s almost unbearable to witness. I look at that dad and others like him with compassion and empathy..realizing that this isn’t his fault. I get it.

I’m a dad now. As a father, I realize that would do anything for LilyJo.

If when LillyJo was born, we lived in a Nation where she wouldn’t have viable opportunities, I would have packed her and Krystle up and we would have made any journey to any place that could meet the need. She wouldn’t be to blame for my decision. I did what I needed to do as her father to provide the best life I could for her.

Let’s think about immigration another way.  Like many of you, my family migrated from the South for better opportunities and a stable living wage.  My Mother’s parents moved up North because the Jim Crow laws in the South were not conducive for opportunities for people of color. Coming up north, they were promised a “better life”.  It seems America has a history of selling people on a dream.  I think it’s time for America to deliver on that promise to a generation of Dreamers.  I stand firmly that these dreamers should become citizens legally.  However, I further believe that offering a clear, sustainable path to citizenship is also America’s responsibility. I stand for DACA. I stand for their dream!

Help me fight for YOUR dreams as your State Senator.  We can do better. Donate Here.

                                                  Adam, Krystle & LillyJo

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