Happy President’s Day?

This is a phrase I don’t expect to hear from anyone not trying to sell me a mattress.  The commercialism will be in full force as stores offer discounted items marketed with Uncle Sam and fireworks.

Families will use the long weekend to go see Black Panther a film featuring a majority black cast that is breaking all the records.  I bring it up because the director got his break making the film Fruitville Station, telling the real-life story of a young black man unarmed subdued man murdered by a police officer.

Today is not about 45.  It’s about the history of our country and the predominately white men who have led our nation.  We all have favorite presidents and those we disdain. It’s not about my least favorite number XX Andrew Jackson.  Instead of thinking about the current president remember what we expect out of a leader.  Let’s hold all our leaders whether they be the President or a state legislator to a standard.  Representing us requires:

· We require our leaders to serve with integrity.

· We require our leaders to act with character.

· We require our leaders to communicate.

· We require our leaders to promote family values.

· We require our leaders to act with compassion.

· We require our leaders to focus on our community.

· We require our leaders to exercise self-control.

· We require our leaders to accept responsibility for their actions.

We have seen good leadership in the past on both sides of the aisle. Of course, we have not always agreed with the totality of their perspective. But there has rarely been a time where people feel as if we have someone inept at the helm.  It’s scary.  Yet, in some ways, It needed to happen for people to wake up.

Look at what’s happened because of it. Some of you have been catapulted into looking at politics totally different now.  You are engaged like never before. You are researching and “googling” candidates, checking for indiscretions and contradictions. You are committed to researching their history before going to the polls. You are donating to campaigns. Your responsibility as a voting citizen has been taken to another level! We are better for it. But only if we do not get complacent.

Now, is the time to do away with candidates and “leaders” that have proven to have a lack of integrity. It starts with us at the city, county and state levels.  Let’s work together to get people in office that are competent leaders and can be trusted with your time, resources, and most of all your VOTE.

Remember those qualities we stated were missing from the highest office in the country? Like some of you, I was taught those by my mom, dad, teachers, Drill Sergeants,  my mentors, and others. These aren’t “campaign strategies” for me, they are a part of who I am.

It would be an honor and a privilege to serve as your State Senator! I want to be an elected official that you can be PROUD of. Please support my campaign with a donation of any amount.  If you would like to be a part of the A-Team and host a party, or maybe volunteer by making phone calls or knocking on doors, please email me at adam@adamhollier.com. I need your help! I truly believe that We Can Do Better!

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