Letter announcing why I’m not running for City Clerk.

This has been an incredibly difficult note to send.  A few months back I reached out to you and talked about the problem in our elections citing the 59% or precincts with voter irregularities with the fervent belief that not only do we deserve better but that I believe we can do better.  Let me begin by thanking you for your support to this point and your willingness to put your faith in me to fix this problem.


The decision not to run was extremely difficult but I did an honest self-assessment about the race and what was required to win.  With the consultation of my wife and close friends it was clear that I did not have what I needed to win.  Further, staying in the race would likely have split the field in a way that limited our opportunity to elect someone who will fix the system and make sure our votes are counted.  I’ve never quit anything in my life and not running felt like it and that is hard.  The most important things is making sure we get a clerk who can and will ensure your vote counts.  To that end  I remain committed to working on voting rights issues and advancing concrete solutions like my 15-point plan on how to fix elections.

This summer I’ll be working hard trying to accomplish the things we believe in; making sure our votes are counted, registering people to vote and organizing.  We have an incredibly important election this year to determine two things: whether Detroit is going to be a City with opportunities for every citizen or a city that does not.  Lets elect candidates we believe in who have a track record of getting things done for people. We’re only going to get better when we demand it.

I look forward to working with you soon.  My info isn’t changing you can reach me via e-mail at adam@adamhollier or on my cell at (313)418-0159.




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