Mental health, guns, and rights, oh my!

Our nation’s heart was broken as we watched family after family eulogized their loved ones in Florida this week. These precious souls were killed when an armed terrorist shot through the halls of Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School in Parkland.
Since the shooting, we have heard the same tired talking points followed by the infamous “thoughts and prayers”. Then slowly, attention started to turn from the real issue.
They’ve said the shooter had repressed emotions.
It’s also been reported that he was mentally unstable.
Some have stated that the shooter was out of touch with reality.
….All of which may have been true.
The mental health issues in this country are real and in most cases undiagnosed and untreated. This coupled with poor funding to community mental health agencies and the stigma of mental health has fueled a cycle of citizens suffering in silence.
However, school shootings or any public shootings are not just a simple mental health matter. Access to semi-automatic weapons for civilians is equally to blame for these senseless murders. So, if we are going to have the conversation, we need to put ALL the cards on the table.
Let’s talk about responsible weapon ownership, and what that really means as a citizen.
Let’s discuss the access to care for the mentally ill and the funding to the community organizations that treat them.
Let’s talk about why we have military-style weapons infiltrating our own neighborhoods, our schools, our churches and public spaces.
Let’s have the real conversation about legislators that are bought with campaign dollars and the organizations that buy our leaders’ silence even in the face of the death of our children.
It would be great to have this conversation with you and your friends. I would be honored to be a guest in your home and have the conversations that need to be had. Would you sponsor a house party for me?
Simply schedule a date, and invite your family and some friends to your home. I will be there to get to know you all, talk about my platform, but more importantly hear from YOU. Please email me to get on the calendar at
Together, We Can Do Better! 


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