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Revenue, family, dominate council choice


Hollier, former chief of staff to State Senator Bert Johnson, said he will bring a fresh perspective to the council.

“The most important thing is that I am young resident of Detroit and I am planning on raising my family in the city,” Hollier said. “You don’t see that as a narrative right now. I hear people talk about young Whites who are moving in but no one is talking young Blacks who want to raise families in the city.”

Hollier said being on the council will allow him to tackle the issue of property values and the school system, all of which he said make it difficult for young African American families to move into the city.

“We have to be able to better navigate our own business and start dealing with the schools,” Hollier said. “We need people on council who are going to have kids in the school system.”

The former legislative aide said Detroit has a long way to go to attract people to the city who can afford services.

“The mayor did something with the water issue but we need to raise money from private philanthropy to balance that water fund,” Hollier said. “We are not going to have the option anymore of having three or four employers employing everybody in the city. We need to talk about entrepreneurship and supporting small businesses.”

He said the question haunting Detroit is, “How do we get more young Black folks to move back into the city?” because most of his classmates with families don’t live in Detroit anymore.


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