Michigan Roads. Enough is ENOUGH!

The Michigan roads are being plagued with enormous craters AKA “Potholes” that would put the moon to shame!  It’s ridiculous! I see you on the roads swerving and slowing down. All of us trying to avoid damaging a tire or worse yet breaking a tire rod or throwing your wheels out of alignment! The freeway[…]

I can’t get these shoes out of my head

  A moving demonstration which included thousands of pairs of shoes organized neatly across the grass at the US Capitol caught my attention the other day. The shoes represent the number of children who have died in the US from gunshot wounds since the Newtown elementary school massacre in 2012. Subsequently, across the nation, our children walked out of class[…]

Mental health, guns, and rights, oh my!

Our nation’s heart was broken as we watched family after family eulogized their loved ones in Florida this week. These precious souls were killed when an armed terrorist shot through the halls of Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School in Parkland. Since the shooting, we have heard the same tired talking points followed by the infamous “thoughts[…]

Happy President’s Day?

This is a phrase I don’t expect to hear from anyone not trying to sell me a mattress.  The commercialism will be in full force as stores offer discounted items marketed with Uncle Sam and fireworks. Families will use the long weekend to go see Black Panther a film featuring a majority black cast that[…]

The revolution will not be televised…

“The revolution will put you in the driver’s seat. The revolution will not be televised….” Gil-Scott-Heron This week Marvel will release “Black Panther”, a much-anticipated movie that has already broken pre-sale box office records. The movie is a part of the Marvel universe and is a precursor to a culmination of 18 movies leading up to the beginning of the all-out[…]

Fighting for the dream and the dreamers

Immigration and a path to citizenship has become one of the hot buttons of our nation. I have seen news clips of American ICE workers being commanded by our current administration to tear fathers away from their family as they dropped their child off at school, shipping them back to a country they have never known as home. Why? Because[…]

Adam’s thoughts on the State of the Union

“We choose the thousands of American communities whose roads aren’t paved with power or privilege, but with honest effort, good faith, and the resolve to build something better for their kids.” Rep Joe Kennedy II Still stunned by last night’s State of the Union and the blatant disregard for your needs? It’s tough listening to[…]