The revolution will not be televised…

The revolution will put you in the driver’s seat.

The revolution will not be televised….” Gil-Scott-Heron

This week Marvel will release “Black Panther”, a much-anticipated movie that has already broken pre-sale box office records. The movie is a part of the Marvel universe and is a precursor to a culmination of 18 movies leading up to the beginning of the all-out battle in Infinity War (yes, I am a Marvel buff). So in short, Black Panther is a pretty big deal!

In the African American community, it has become more than just a movie with people of color directing and starring in it.  The movie, intentionally scheduled to be shown during black history month, is based in a fictional country in Africa.  Not since the hit cult comedy “Coming to America” have we seen Africa shown in the opulence, splendor, wealth, culture, and advancement that Black Panther promises to deliver. For our communities, we are looking forward to experiencing a positive angle of how the continent and its people, our people, are portrayed.

Why is this important?

Perception shapes reality.  Seeing people who look like you, talk like you and operate like you who are successful, smart, wealthy, responsible and ruling as Kings and Queens help you to form different ideas about what you can do and become.

You’re thinking Adam, ok I get it. But how does this relate to your campaign?

Ok think, what do the children of our district see regardless of race, when they step outside the door and view our neighborhoods? What about 3 or 4 streets to the right or left?  What do they pass by when they go to school or go outside to play? Are there safe passageways? Are there recreation centers that have organized sports teams that they can be a part of?  Are there schools within walking distance where they can receive a solid education? Or do they see blight, abandoned homes, crime, and no one outside because their friends are indoors playing video games?

Like it or not, their perception will shape their reality. But we can change what they see on the big screen of District 2 if we start NOW. One of my key focus points of the campaign is to create neighborhoods where our Seniors can sit on the porch again and where our children feel safe enough to walk to school. Help me develop a new reality for our parents, our children, and grandchildren. Let’s put our kids on our shoulders thru our activism and help them see higher, further and better than they ever have before!

We can do betterI need YOU to help make that happen.  Please consider making a donation of any amount to the campaign. I also need volunteers! If you would like to be a part of “The A-Team” and can knock on doors, make calls or host a party, email me at


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