June 7, 2013

Adam’s Vision


We are all tired of vague promises to fix schools, lower insurance and clean up our neighborhoods.

  • I’m running to make sure that the police and firefighters who ensure our safety have the funding necessary to do their jobs.
  • I’m running to ensure that kids don’t have to walk through blight on their way to underfunded schools.
  • I’m running to ensure we found our roads and Regional Transit. My wife, Krystle, and I are raising our daughter Lillian two blocks from my childhood home in the North End of Detroit. Our neighborhood isn’t safe enough, our schools aren’t good enough and jobs aren’t readily available.

We want better and now it’s time to do better!   

When Henry Ford quit his job at Edison Illuminating Co., he left with a dream in search of partners to make it a reality. Detroit became a city where no matter what your race, creed, or origin, a person could move here and earn a fair wage. One day you could be working in a factory and the next day you could be the founder of Motown Records and completely change the sound of music.  Today, the rich history of Metro Detroit as the capital of innovation seems more like a dream than reality.  If Detroit and the surrounding districts are ever going to be the cities we dream of, we must take the first step today.

My vision of a better District is simple: a community that people want to live in.  That looks like

  • a District built on strong and safe neighborhoods
  • a District powered by residents owning homes and developing businesses
  • a District strengthened by new residents, attracting them by being fertile ground for innovative ideas
  • a District reinforced by the exceptional education of its residents, starting with our children

The keys to unlocking this vision lie in investing in transportation, improving public safety, developing careers and entrepreneurship, and strengthening public education in our city.  Detroit and the surrounding districts should be a place where anything is possible.  From Downtown, to Midtown, and all the neighborhoods in between, Metro Detroit should be a place where a person can get around efficiently, find gainful employment, raise their children safely, and get a great public education.

This dream can become a reality if we work for it together.  Join me in making Detroit the city of opportunity it deserves to be. WE CAN DO BETTER

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