Adam, Popsicles and Mom

Guest Post:  By Adam’s Mom

My husband, Carl and I taught our four children that “Those to whom much is given, much is expected”, which is paraphrased from Luke 12:48.  Since he was a child, Adam has understood and accepted the responsibility demanded from him.

During the summers at our Northend home, there might be twelve (12) kids in the backyard or out front.  When a neighborhood kid, “Shawn” from the block behind us started to play with Adam (then 7 years old) and his sister Lauren, I just added another Popsicle and plate to the table.  Adam welcomed Shawn to our group. He has always had the ability to accept people, make them feel welcomed and form bonds of trust.

As time passed, I was unaware that the Shawn started to bully some of the other children.  Adam, though not the biggest nor oldest kid in the group, confronted him.  He told him that we had rules.  He told the bully they weren’t going to accept his behavior and if he wanted to continue to hang out with them he had to stop threatening and putting the other kids down.  Adam, being a natural leader and fair person, realized this kid needed to know the rules so he could decide if he wanted to live by them.  The boy modified his behavior for a while but when he decided to pick on the quietest boys in the group, Adam quickly told him not to come around them anymore.  Shawn knew Adam meant business so he left them alone for a couple of weeks.

When I saw Shawn coming into my yard weeks later with his usual polite greeting, I didn’t think anything was out of order.  Adam approached him and after a brief conversation, Adam told him he couldn’t rejoin the group because he wasn’t going to treat them right.  Adam promptly told me “no more popsicles” for Shawn, mom! He went on to explain that Shawn was mean, he didn’t follow the rules and was no longer in their circle. The other children agreed and trusted Adam to speak for them. This is when I learned how Adam handled the problem.

Everyone who meets Adam knows he is honest and can be trusted to work for their wellbeing. Even now, he continues to give motivational speeches at graduations and events, community improvement work in the field and on boards, mentoring, coaching, and numerous other things that I don’t know about until someone who has seen or met him tells me.  He doesn’t brag but gets the work done. The kind of man we need in Lansing!

Last year, when I was going through a serious health issue, Adam asked how he could help.  I told him I wanted to declutter my kitchen.  He said he would handle it.  He came over cleared out all the expired food, random plastic storage items, and organized by cabinets.  He even had a professional to come in and clean from ceiling to floor.  I never doubted he would keep his word.  He made it better.

You can trust Adam to listen to you, use his skills and resources to solve problems and do the work toward the solution. Adam will keep his word. He plays by the rules and he will make it better. Would you help him take out the bully’s and speak on your behalf?  Donate to his campaign today. August 7th is fast approaching and we can sure do a lot with a little!

Or you can help by volunteering for election day!  Email Adam at  Just tell him “your mom sent me”!  See you on the 7th, I’ll bring the popsicles!

Adam’s Mom;

Jacqueline Hollier

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