I can’t get these shoes out of my head


A moving demonstration which included thousands of pairs of shoes organized neatly across the grass at the US Capitol caught my attention the other day. The shoes represent the number of children who have died in the US from gunshot wounds since the Newtown elementary school massacre in 2012.

Subsequently, across the nation, our children walked out of class and marched in memoriam of the 17 children shot to death in Parkland, Florida. They proclaimed they should be able to walk to school and sit in class with no fear. They are right. We can do better.

Those Shoes.

There was a pair of pink pointe shoes representing an aspiring little girl who wanted to be a ballet dancer.

Those Shoes.

Some were gym shoes left by parents who will never again yell out to their son “Tie your shoes before you fall”.

These shoes in the picture below belong to my daughter, Lilly Jo.
I am running for State Senate so her feet never have to march on behalf of slaughtered classmates.
I want to be in the trenches fighting for safe schools so I will never place her shoes at the capital to represent a dream cut short by gun violence.
We can do better than this!  I need you to help me make it happen. Consider a donation of any amount to my campaign today!
I know that We Can Do Better! 

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