May 4, 2018



As your State Senator and a new dad, I’m committed to making sure every child in our state has access to high-quality public education.  Education has always been the path to a better life and its clear to anyone willing to pay attention that the State has failed our children particularly those in Detroit, Hamtramck, and Highland Park that have had Emergency Managers prioritizing finances over the next generation.  I will not tolerate any more of this short-sighted thinking, we have to get back to building a generation of thinkers, builders, planners, and dreamers.  We need an education system that develops young creative intellectually curious children into entrepreneurs, skilled tradespeople, leaders.


As your State Senator, I am going to work hard to be certain that you can feel safe in your community.  Our children should be able to walk to school without fear of being attacked by dogs or people.  Seniors should not be afraid to sit on their porch or answer their doors.  As a state, we must better fund public safety, clear blight from neighborhoods and ensure every block has working streetlights. During my career in public service, I helped create the Public Lighting Authority that has installed 65,000 new LED lights. When elected, I will continue to ensure that our neighborhoods are safe for its citizens.


As your State Senator, I am going to work aggressively with organized labor and the business community to get more citizens of the 2nd Senate District working.  The unemployment rate is more than twice the state average across the district and that is going to change.  It only changes by working for fair living wages to ensure residents can afford to buy what they need as well as locally produced items. This starts the cycle of building our economy. I will also support fair pay and an appropriate maternity leave for women. Lastly, we need to build on our economic strengths in manufacturing, tourism, the creative arts, and agriculture.



As a staffer for a State Senator, I forged relationships with key decision makers and helped develop the agreement to get the Regional Transit Authority (RTA) created.  This was after a 30-year history of failed attempts to get people to the table to make this work. The next step is to finance the RTA. I would work to collaborate with the Big 4 (Detroit and Wayne, Macomb & Oakland County executives) to find innovative solutions for creating a funding agreement. Read more about my vision and strategy!




As your state senator, I plan to make sure that America delivers on a promise to a generation of Dreamers.  I stand firmly that these dreamers should become citizens legally.   I am committed to working on finding a permanent solution for young undocumented immigrants brought to our country as children to no fault of their own. Working towards comprehensive immigration reform will ensure we can continue to be a melting pot and make America a place of opportunity for all who seek it. Offering a clear, sustainable path to citizenship is not only the right thing to do, it’s America’s responsibility.




Our crumbling infrastructure must be fixed! Simply put, our system is broken when the “motor capital of the world” doesn’t have safe, paved roads to accommodate the very vehicles they build. As your State Senator, I would commit to benchmarking surrounding Midwest states with similar weather patterns to learn best practices for maintaining and servicing their roads. I also will ensure that the budget for road repair and construction is not only funded appropriately but managed effectively. Infrastructure also includes auto insurance, traffic congestion, railways and more. Strengthening this area will not only affect our quality of life but will serve as an “open sign” to major businesses. We need to be prepared to withstand and accommodate the influx of residents, vehicles and city services that new thriving businesses would need to relocate to our state.



As a soldier in the United States Armed Forces, I made a commitment to guard security and safety of our country. In addition to foreign threats, this includes guarding the freedoms as well as the rights of its citizens. As citizens, we have a right to leadership that operates with honor and in integrity, from the White House to the State House. We deserve to have our data and privacy protected. We deserve a transparent state legislature that keeps us informed on all we need to know to make informed decisions at the ballot box. Today, voter ID laws, restrictions on early voting and claims of rampant voter fraud are creating barriers. As your State Senator, I’m committed to fixing our broken elections process and being a leader you can be proud of to represent you and your family.