It’s time to FINISH this!

I have unfinished business. As a staffer for a State Senator, I forged relationships with key decision makers and helped develop the agreement to get the Regional Transit Authority (RTA) created.  This was after a 30-year history of failed attempts to get people to the table to make this work. Now, I want to go back to the Senate and take the next step to finance the RTA and I need your help.

I’m proud of the achievement in helping to create the authority, but there is much more to do. Now it’s time to bring together the Big 4 (Detroit and Wayne, Macomb & Oakland County executives) to find innovative solutions for creating a funding agreement. As your State Senator, I can help make that happen.


My vision includes:

o Extension of the M-1 Rail to 8-mile

o Commuter Rail from Detroit to Ann Arbor stopping at Metro Airport

o Dedicated lane Bus Rapid Transit along Woodward, Michigan Ave, Gratiot, Grand River, 8-mile, and M-59

o Regional Transit as an alternative to high auto insurance

o Reliable public transportation that gets kids to school on time and parents to work on time every day

o Additional routes that connect workers with jobs

What’s YOUR vision? Share your thoughts on the RTA!  You can submit your comments right to the authority using this link.

You’re thinking Adam, Your vision sounds good but how do we make it work?

Here is a part of the strategy that I would immediately work to implement.

o Take the politics and rhetoric out of this issue

o Focus on the people who rely on public transportation

o Make the system more reliable through an organizational process overhaul

o Legalize Marijuana and use the tax revenue to fund transportation and road repairs

If you would like to be a part of future A-Team events or host a party, or maybe volunteer by making phone calls, please email me at or register here for the next door to door canvassing event.


I know #WeCanDoBetter and I need your help to prove it!

Adam Hollier

Candidate for Michigan State Senate, District 2


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