Juneteenth: Liberty and Justice for…..All?

Can you imagine a government that seems to be powerless to ensure the rights of all its citizens? Or being a part of a country and have the same freedoms as those around you, but there is a system in place that keeps you imprisoned because of the color or your skin? Others in your country are living at a different level. Their children have access to great schools.  Their homes have clean drinkable water flowing through the tap. No one is snatching their babies out of their arms, nor are they being beaten or imprisoned unjustly.

I am sure that current headlines are now racing through your mind as this country continuously grapples with racism, police brutality, immigration, inhumane treatment of humankind and the ongoing debilitating Flint Water Crisis. Yet, I am not referring to 2018. The narrative I described above is from life in America in 1865.

1865. Let that sink in.

Until General Granger’s regiment could overtake the forces in Texas, this was exactly what life was like for African-American slaves in the Galveston area. Today is officially Juneteenth which is a celebration of the liberation of these slaves.  However, understand that this didn’t happen until two years AFTER Lincoln’s Emancipation Proclamation. So across other parts of the country, African Americans were technically free already. But slaves in this area didn’t experience life as an equal or as a human for years even though the “law” said that those freedoms were available to them.

That was 1865.

This is 2018.

Not much has changed, has it? I am running to ensure that ALL people are treated fairly and are free to enjoy all of their rights and privileges as citizens of this country.

In a country that claims that all men are created equal is a self-evident truth, Hundreds of years later, we still have a government that doesn’t honor and respect all people. I want to be your state senator to fight for us to live up to that proclamation! This country has risen to expert level status in hiding discriminatory practices and inhumane treatment of others because of race, social status, country of origin, or gender under the guise of law, politics and even religion. “Until we are all free, none of us are free”–Emma Lazarus. 

It’s time for a changing of the guard that starts at the local level, then the state, all the way to the White House. But it starts with you. It starts now with your volunteerism, house parties or donations. It starts on August 7th with your primary vote for a more government that is just and fair. A government that protects and looks out for its citizens while equally protecting the compassion and humanity of this nation’s heart. It starts now. We can do better.

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