The November election may be too late!

It’s been named it the #bluewave on one side of the aisle and others talk about holding the line. People have been talking about the 2018 midterm election ever since our current administration took office.

However, for a large part of Michigan voters who live in congressional and legislative districts who already typically vote for one party or another, waiting until November to participate in the voting process will be too late. To have a real voice in deciding who’ll represent you in DC and at our state capitol, we must commit to being engaged well before then.

The more important election for voters in that category will take place on Aug. 7, when a typically small group of voting residents (compared to those that vote in the November election) will select the party nominees in the races for Congress, the governor, and the state Legislature.

The Detroit Free Press has a brilliant idea and is looking to change the game on voter involvement this summer.

They contend (and we agree) that we must be intentional to engage voters to participate in the Primary elections. Historically, our turnouts have been abysmal at best. (See chart). Via the Detroit Free Press.

According to the Detroit Free Press “In the last 10 election cycles, voter turnout in the August primary has exceeded 20% only once — in 2002, when 23% of the electorate picked Jennifer Granholm and Dick Posthumous to head their parties’ ticket.”


So the Free Press has come up with a 10-5-1 plan and needs your help to pull it off. Those of us that are engaged and are already a part of the process can serve as the catalyst for others to feel that same empowerment. You can read the entire free press article here.  In summary, this is what the 10-5-1 pledge looks like.

By July 1: Send emails or postcards to 10 family members, friends, or acquaintances you suspect aren’t planning to vote in the primary election, inviting them to join you at the polls Aug. 7.

By Aug. 1: Have phone or face-to-face conversations with at least 5 of those you contacted, renewing your invitation to vote.

On or before Aug. 7 Take one of the people you contacted with you when you go to cast your own vote or absentee ballot.

Between now and Aug. 7, the Free Press will provide information to make your recruiting efforts more effective and your vote better informed:

  • The Free Press will suggest ways to approach fair-weather voters in your circle, explain how they can find out whether they’re registered to vote and how to register if they’re not.
  • The Free Press will provide detailed information about the most important races, focusing on those in which the primary victor is all but certain to win the November general election.
  • The Free Press will highlight what other groups are doing to register, engage and mobilize primary voters, calling attention to special events for those planning to participate in the primary.
  • The Free Press will provide tools to assist readers in recruiting friends and family members for the big vote.

Be a part of the solution and commit to 10-5-1 today.  You can start by sharing this post and using the hashtag #PrimariesMatter. The Hollier Campaign will continue to do our part to encourage voters to vote in the Primaries and be a part of the successes we are believing for in November!

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