What happens when a district voter calls with an issue?

I spent some time in May going door to door meeting residents and talking to people in the district about the type of state senator they want.  But talk, is merely just that, talk. People are actually tired of hearing the same repetitive promises campaign after campaign. They are frustrated and dissatisfied with the care (or lack thereof) that they are getting as citizens. The cynicism is palpable and quite frankly, I don’t blame them. WE CAN DO BETTER. But how do I convey that to a citizen that is tired of talking? How to do I show that I am not your average candidate and that I come through on my promises?
A voter that we went to visit, wasn’t home and we left our card for them to let them know we stopped by. Surprisingly, they called back and then proceeded to share the issues they had in the neighborhood.  One issue, in particular, was a lot next door to them with dangerously long grass and weeds that had not been cut or tended to.
I could have commiserated right along with the citizen and gave him my spiel on my plans to work with the city to improve services. I could have shared that I was the one that helped to develop the Detroit Public Lighting Authority which repaired and replaced thousands of streetlights all over the city.
But who cares.
The grass would still be there. The lot would still be dangerous. The weeds would still be there as a reminder that another promise has fallen flat.
So I did it.
I grabbed my mower, changed my clothes, rolled up my sleeves and went to wack the weeds and cut the grass in the lot. I didn’t call the news or even make a big deal of it. It wasn’t about that. It’s not a campaign promise, it’s how I was raised.
This is the kind of commitment you get when you get me. No, I am not going to turn into a lawn service!  But I will give you my word that if there is a problem that I can fix, I won’t pass the buck, ignore it, or make a promise I have no intention of keeping.  I will simply roll up my sleeves and get it done.
#WECANDOBETTER I need your help to make that happen.  Volunteer to knock doors with me, have a house party or make a donation to the campaign!

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