Our district Seniors should feel safe in their community and on their own porch


Adam on the Issues

These are some of the main issues that are a part of Adam's platform. Jobs that pay a decent wage, education, safe neighborhoods and leading with integrity are issues that he will commit to as your State Senator.
Decent Living Wage

“As your Senator, I will work towards creating fair living wages to ensure residents can afford to take care of their families and buy locally to support economic growth. I will also support fair pay and an appropriate maternity leave for women.”

Public Safety & Infrastructure

“Our children should be able to walk to school without fear and our Seniors should not be afraid to sit on their porch or answer their doors. We must commit to funding public safety, clearing blight from neighborhoods, fix the roads AND ensure all blocks have working streetlights”

Quality Education

“I’m fully committed to making sure that every child in our district and our state has access to high-quality public education. We have to get back to building a generation of thinkers, builders & dreamers!”

Integrity in Leadership

” I am a son, husband, father and a soldier in the United States Army. Honor, service and integrity run deep in my DNA. I will serve in this office with transparency, honesty and with the utmost respect for the position I hold”.

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